Adding Players To Your Team Roster

This article will walk you through how to add players to your team roster in EventConnect.

Step #1 - Your Team Dashboard

Go to your event page and then click on Event Details in the side menu to log into My Team Dashboard. This is where you can add players, view event details, hotel & team info, and answer Player Questions. 

adding team members 1.1

Step #2 - Manage Team

All aspects of roster management are done from the Team Dashboard and can be managed by Team Managers. Managers will invite all team members. Click on 'Manage Team' to add players, coaches, and managers.

adding team members 2-2

Step #3 - Add Member

To add a team member, click on Add Member and then select the member's role. 

Team members filling the role of both player and coach/manager will need to be added twice, once as a player then again as manager/coach.  

Members who are both a manager and coach need only to be on the roster as one or the other and should select roles as follows:

• If a member is the team’s primary manager and a coach, select “Manager”

• If a member is an assistant manager as well as a coach or assistant coach, select “Coach”

adding team members 3

Step #4 - Add Member Details

Select the team member's role and then click next. 

adding team members 4

Guardian information must be added for minors in order to properly roster the team member.

Make sure the 'Player Is A Minor' toggle is selected to populate the guardian field. If you do not add the guardian information you will not be able to add more than one team member under your email.

adding team members 5-1

Reminder: all team members must complete their player/management questions online through their own team dashboard before they will be added to an official roster and allowed to participate.

Step #5 - Player Questions

To complete the player questions, click on the player card you want to complete and select 'Answer Player Questions'. 


adding team members 6

Step #6 - Removing Players

If you need to remove a player or team member from your roster you can do so quickly from your Team List page.

adding team members 7

To confirm that all players have completed their Player Questions, click on 'Manage Team' from your Team Dashboard.