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Available Amenities

What amenities are offered at hotels and how to filter your searches based on what you prefer

Not all hotels are the same. Some include more than others in their amenities. When searching for your next stay it's important to make sure that you're getting what you and your team wants. This article will outline available options and how to efficiently filter your searches.

Below are the icons we use to display the amenities offered with our hotel partners. As each hotel is different, so are their offerings at each location. When shopping for accommodations be sure to note which conveniences are being offered at that hotel.

Pool Amenity

Pool -

The pool icon represents an indoor or outdoor pool is available at this hotel. Many locations will include pools as part of their offerings for guests.

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Parking -

The parking icon indicates free parking is available at this hotel. Most hotels
offer free parking to their guests, depending on location there may be room for team
busses or coaches to park as well.

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WiFi -

The wifi icon shows that wireless internet service is provided to all guests at no extra
charge. For most situations the password will be provided to you upon check-in.

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Breakfast -

The food icon specifies that a free breakfast is offered to guests with their stay. This
can vary, some hotels will offer a continental breakfast while others have a more
robust hot buffet breakfast included with each stay.

When you're on the Hotel Portal you have the ability to filter your search based on what amenities are being offered. This can dramatically cut down on time spent sifting through hotels. To refine your search click on the filter icon and then specify which which amenities you would like to see in your results (shown below).


Once you click on a hotel card you will be brought to the expanded view showcasing details of the hotel and also the different room types offered. Here you can book rooms right away or put rooms on hold to book later.