Booking Links and How To Send Them

This article will summarize how our booking links work and how you can use them to share between teammates.

Important information: These links allow organizers to understand exactly who has booked rooms and where those rooms are. They also prevent hotel inventory from being sold when under certain thresholds. When general inventory has been sold out you will not be able to book rooms without your team's booking link.

Option #1

When a team block is made, a Block Confirmation email will be sent with sharable booking links attached. Clicking on "Copy and share" will copy the URL and bring you to your team's booking page. Clicking "Email the block" will send a direct booking invite email to whomever you specify. 

eventconnect hotel blocking email for traveling sports teams and group tournament housing

Option #2

On your Team Dashboard under "Team Hotels", there is a sharable direct booking link on the right side of the box. Click this to open up the share link and copy it to share with teammates. 

booking link for traveling sports teams in eventconnect system for group tournament housing