How do Complimentary Rooms work on EventConnect?

Sometimes (depending on the hotel contract) complimentary rooms can be earned and assigned to individuals. This article provides key information about how complimentary rooms work on EventConnect

Please read over this guide prior to check-in of your event’s Complimentary Rooms.

Feel free to share with any staff members, referees etc. who will be checking into these complimentary rooms. 

Things to know:

  • The individual checking in at the hotel should have their ID and the hotel confirmation number.
  • A common practice with hotels/comp rooms is to charge the room at the time of check-in, and then issue a refund afterwards so the hotel can make sure the room nights that are booked actualise.
    • If you do not want the individual staying in the room to present their card, you can request a Credit Card Authorization form from your Account Manager in order to put an alternate card on file
  • Comp rooms are earned based on pick up, so unfortunately if all room nights booked do not actualize, comp nights are subject to drop below what has been allocated
  • Complimentary rooms are still rooms being held by the hotel just like any other reservation, so it is important to keep in mind the cancellation policy if you need to make any changes to the rooms booked.
    • Abiding by the cancellation policy helps to maintain a good relationship with the hotel