Finding Your Hotel Reservation Details

This article summarizes how to view and reference your hotel reservations in EventConnect.


When you initially make reservations, we send you a confirmation email detailing everything about your stay. This report shows your payment, room details, special requests, amenities, and more. 

Step #1 - Finding Your Reservation Via Email

From your email inbox, search for "EventConnect" or "Reservation Receipt" to locate your Reservation Details email. This email will outline all aspects of your stay including payments, hotel addresses, contact information, balance due at check-in, and room details.

reservation receipt email

                                                      (Example of a reservation receipt email)

At the bottom of this email will be a 'View Reservation' button, clicking this will bring you to the "Edit Reservation" page on the EventConnect Dashboard.

finding res 1

This is where you will be able to change details of your stay like payment types, check-in/check-out dates, hotels and room types, billing info, change your hotel, or cancel your reservation altogether. 

Step #2 - Finding Your Reservation From The Dashboard

Log into your account at To view your reservations, click on the "Reservations" tab at the top of the screen. Then "Edit" on the reservation you would like to view. 

finding res 2

Step #2 - Viewing Details

You will now see all details of your reservation including; hotel/room specifications, check-in instructions, reservations charges & fees, your payment history, and also the option to change/cancel your reservation.

finding res 1

                                               (Excerpt of reservation confirmation screen)


Changes to your reservation must be made before your individual confirmation date which will be outlined in your Reservation Confirmation email. 

You can find more information regarding your booking policy and cancelation dates in this article.