Creating A Pool Play (Round Robin)

This article will summarize how to create a round-robin/pool play for your tournament.

Step #1 - Building Your Bracket

On your event owner dashboard under 'Scheduling/Scoring', click on the division you would like to create a round-robin/pool play for or alternatively click on the "+" symbol. 



Next, specify the format for your bracket. Choose from; round robin, single or double elimination, or consolation. Give your round-robin/pool play a name and set the game length and rest periods. If you have done this already and have it saved as a template, click the  'template' toggle to re-use the bracket structure. Click 'Create' to finish your bracket.



Step #2 - Managing Pools

Once you have your brackets created you will then be able to create pools. To build a pool select the teams you would like to include by clicking on 'Select Teams'. Then specify how many placeholders you would like as well as how many pools you would like your teams grouped into. Click 'Save' to build out a draft of your game schedule.




Step #3 - Managing Games

Now you will have generated match-ups of different games specified by the bracket type and the guaranteed pool play games. You can add or remove teams from standings, change the teams in each matchup, delete matchups altogether, and create new games based on your custom criteria.



At the bottom of the page you'll see a summary of your games for the pool you have selected. When you're ready, click 'Create Games' to build-out a full bracket based on your criteria.  




Step #4 - Saving Your Round-Robin/Pool Play

You have now successfully built a round-robin/pool play for your division. Before it's published, you have a chance to edit details like name, game length, rest times, and game dates. You can also create playoffs based on the winners of your bracket. When you're ready, click 'Save' to commit your bracket. 

Note: Your bracket will still be in draft mode until you set it to active.



Now that your bracket is built, you will need to schedule the games and accordingly. As each tournament can vary greatly this process can be highly detailed. If you run into trouble with scheduling, reach out to your account manager for clarification and assistance.