Booking A Hotel Reservation

How to create a reservation for you or your team in a matter of minutes.

*If you have not been added to a team you will need to reach out to your Team Manager in order to complete these next steps.*


This is a walkthrough to book a reservation directly from your team dashboard. If you have a team block, refer to {this article detailing how to use blocking links.}

Step #1 - Find Your Team

After logging into your account, click on the 'Teams' tab at the top of the page. Then, click on the team you wish to make a reservation for and then 'View Dashboard'.


eventconnect sports team dashboard app


Step #2 - Enter Hotel Portal

On the Team Dashboard, on the left menu click on the 'Hotel(s)' tab. This will take you to the Hotel Portal for your team's event. 


eventconnect sports team dashboard group hotel booking


Step #3 - Sourcing Hotel Accommodations

Now you will be in the Hotel Portal. This is where you can search and shop hotels for your event. To book a room click on 'Select Your Room' in a hotel card. Alternatively, you can block rooms for your team by clicking 'Hold Group Rooms'.

eventconnect hotel portal for traveling sports teams group tournament housing


Step #4 - Book Now

After clicking on the hotel card, you will see a breakdown of rooms available and a map showing the location of the hotel in relation to your event venue. Click 'Book Now' to make an immediate reservation. 

eventconnect hotel portal for sports teams group tournament booking


Step #5 - Reservation Details

After clicking 'Book Now' you will be brought to the reservation page. Here you will specify the details of your stay including; the number of rooms needed, check-in/out dates, special requests, and a pricing breakdown. Once completed, click 'Next' to fill in your contact information. 

eventconnect reservation page for traveling sports teams hotel accommodations


Step #6 - Payment

Under the 'Payment' section you will enter your credit card information. You are not required to pay the full amount, instead, we only ask for a small downpayment in order to reserve your reservations. The total amount must be paid in full at check-in. 

Eventconnect hotel portal reservation page for traveling sports teams credit card payment information



You will be emailed a confirmation receipt with all of your accommodation details and the balance due upon arrival at the hotel.