Making A Block For Your Team

This article will walk you through our room blocking feature and how to make a block for your travel team.


Our blocking system is a convenient way for teams to reserve and book large amounts of room nights in advance of an event. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to book rooms at a great price.

Step #1 - Shopping For Accommodations

Beginning at the Hotel Booking Feed you can shop our selection of tournament sponsored hotels for the perfect accommodations for your travel team. You can use the filter feature to search for hotels based on your specific requirements like amenities, location, price, and more.

After you have found a great fit for your team, click on 'Select Your Room'. blocking KB


Step #2 - Making A Block

Once you have selected a hotel in the Hotel Booking Feed, you can then choose to book a room immediately or hold a block of rooms. To block, click 'Hold Group Rooms'. 

blocking KB1

Step #3 - Room Hold Request

You will then be brought to the Room Hold Request page where you will specify the details of your block. Select how many rooms your travel team will require for each day of the event (including optional shoulder nights before/after), and then give your block a name for easy identification. 

Blocking KB 2

Note: if the hotel has the inventory available for your room hold request, then that block will be made immediately. In the case that the hotel does not have enough inventory available, then your block will still be made with the available inventory and an instant request will be made for additional rooms to satisfy your request. 

Step #4 - Sharing Your Block With Team Members

After creating your block you will have a time frame to book rooms within before that block expires. Use the 'Share With Team' feature to create a booking link to share amongst your team members so they can take advantage of your team block. 

Blocking KB3-1

Step #5 - Individual Booking With A Team Block

Now that there is a block of rooms set aside for your team, you can now move forward with booking your individual reservations. For more help with booking rooms, check out this article detailing Booking Hotel Reservations With A Team Block.


About Hotel Room Blocks

Blocks allow your entire team to stay together with ease by setting aside a large number of rooms at no-cost to you. This makes coordinating a travel tournament much easier as all your players are within the same hotel, ready to hit the field in the morning.