How To Add Rooms To An Existing Block As A Hotelier

This article will outline how to add rooms to a team block already in your hotelier dashboard.

Step #1 - Approved Contracts

On your hotel dashboard, scroll down and click on the approved contract for the event in question.

add rooms 1

Step #2 - Accessing Room Contracts

On the left-hand menu, click on 'Room Contracts'. This will bring you to the contracted room section showing you the room type, date, and quantity of each contracted block. 

add rooms 3

Step #3 - Adding Additional Inventory

To add more rooms, simply click the "+" symbol to the required amount of rooms needed and then click "Confirm". The rooms will be added to our system and live for guests to book right away.

add rooms 2

Note: Be mindful of which dates and room types you are editing as these added rooms will be available to guests to book immediately.