How to manage a current contract and navigate the Contract Portal

This article will outline how to navigate the contracting portal and how to manage a current tournament hotel contract.

Step #1 - Getting To Your Dashboard

Log into your EventConnect account and click on 'Hotels' at the top of the page to be taken to the Hotel Portal. Then click on your hotel. 

rooming lists 1

Step #2 - Your Hotel Contracts

Once you've clicked on the hotel you will be taken to the hotel page where you'll see all pending, requested and approved contracts. Search for the approved contract you want to review and click on it.

rooming lists 2


Step #3 - Contract Dashboard

After clicking on an approved contract you will be taken to the Contract Dashboard. Here you will have full clarity on total reservations, unaccommodated travel teams, registration intake, and more. 

contract dashboard 2-1

Is your dashboard saying you have a large room night opportunity? Click on 'Add More Rooms' to add additional inventory to those event nights. 


If teams contact your hotel to book directly, the dashboard includes a direct booking link that can easily be shared with teams looking to make reservations. 

contract dashboard 1

Step #4 - Managing Reservations

To view specific reservations, click on 'Go To Reservations' under the Nightly Reservations graph. This will take you to your Reservations Page which details all reservation data. 

If you would like to add or manage additional rooms to your contract, click on 'Add/Manage Rooms' to be taken to the Room Contracts page 

contract dashboard 3-1

Important: Upon the negotiated cut-off date you will be required to enter your Hotel Reservation I.D. number for all active reservations showing that you have confirmed the reservation made in the EventConnect software in your own hotel reservation management system.


If you need the Rooming List with credit card information you can have that faxed to you by clicking the “Fax Rooming List With Credit Card” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can download the rooming list without credit card information in a .csv file by clicking “Export Rooming List” just below. Also under the Reservation tab you can view the changelog. This page will show in detail all changes that have been made and by whom. Click here to read an article that outlines adding confirmation numbers and accessing rooming lists.

Step #6 - Room Block Requests

In the Team Blocks tab on the left-hand menu, click on Team Blocks Requests. Here you can view details about requested, approved, and declined requests made by teams. You will also see the team name, the number of requested rooms, check-in/out dates, prices, and amenities. If you would like to view the room types being offered at your property you can click on the Room Contracts tab to see the different rooms as well as the quantity and price of each room by date.


contract dashboard 5-1

contract dashboard 6

At any time you can view your initial hotel contract by clicking the Hotel Contract tab. This page shows in detail the specifications of your hotel contract made with EventConnect when you created your event with our procurement staff.