EventConnect Help Desk

How To Use Team Blocks

How to create a team block to ensure everyone on your roster has accommodations.


Step #1

Go to www.eventconnect.io and log into your account. From here you will be taken to your main dashboard where past and upcoming events are shown. At the top of the page you will see navigation buttons where you can view events, reservations, and teams. If you have any previously made reservations they will be shown under the Reservation tab. Click on "Edit" in the Reservation Card if you would like to cancel or alter any previously made reservations. If you would like to create a new reservation or create a Team Block, click on the Teams tab and then click “View Dashboard”on the team you would like to make a reservation or block for.




Step #2

Now you will be on the Team Dashboard. Here you have a complete overview of your team where you can manage team details, block/book hotel rooms, and edit registrations. To create a team block click on “View Hotels” under the Event Hotels card.



Step #3

Here you will be in the Hotel Portal. This is the hub for choosing your accommodations. You will see cards in the center of the screen showcasing available hotels including their event rate pricing, amenities, distance from venue, and inventory. On the right of the screen you will see a map of the surrounding area of your event with hotels and driving routes to the venue.

Once you have decided on a hotel click on “Select Your Room”. This will expand the hotel card allowing you to choose available room types. After selecting the room type you prefer, define how many rooms you will need for your team and click "Hold Rooms". From there you will be taken to the Room Hold Request page.


blocking screen


Step #4

On this page we will require some information regarding your stay to then request inventory from the hotel. First we ask for you to define exactly how many rooms are needed for each day of your stay (to make sure you don't book any extra unneeded rooms) then to add your team's name to the block.




After clicking "Next" you are taken to the reservation page to clarify your team block. You will be able to immediately book whatever inventory is available for your stay. If certain days are not available we will contact the hotel right away to procure those rooms for you and notify you directly once they are secured.


What is a team block?

Team blocks are groups of rooms put on hold for a future event date to secure hotel inventory. Blocking rooms in advance is a recommended practice for team managers to make sure all players are together and have accommodations well in advance of game day. Team Blocks expire in roughly nine days from the initial date of creation.