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More Coupons, More Attendees, More Fun.

Utilizing our coupon system for a higher ROI

Who doesn’t enjoy a good deal? We make it easy to offer your members discounts with our dynamic coupon feature. By putting the power into the hands of event managers and team directors, you can now create fully customized coupon discounts in seconds. Coupons have a variety of applications that can help boost your registration numbers and help enhance the relationship between you and your teams.

Team Directors can set the code (‘WeTheBest’), the type ($ or %), and the discount (amount) all from the Event Owner dashboard under Financials. These parameters can be easily customized and tailored for any circumstance that you feel deems a discount. Coupons can be a great incentive for teams to help prompt them to take action. For example, by implementing a discount coupon for early-bird registration you can excite members to sign up well before cutoff dates and attain more accurate figures for upcoming events. You could also offer discounts for multi-registrations when a club is signing up three or more teams.


Rewarding your valued clubs for their dedication will help build upon your relationship together, making future transactions that much more rewarding. Also, establishing a connection with new clubs will also be strengthened by sweetening the deal with a conveniently placed discount coupon.

Feature Highlights

-Fully customizable

-Available for all users

-Ease of use