Registration Walkthrough

This article will walk you through the registration flow for teams and participants.

Step #1 - Team Dashboard

Beginning on your Team Dashboard, click on 'Event Details' or 'New Registration' on the left-hand menu. 

reg 2

Step #2 - Registration Page

Once on the Registration Page, click on 'New Registration' to begin. 

reg 1

Step #3 - Team Information

The Team Information page is where you will enter your team name, number of players, specify if you are the primary travel contact, and add a coach (this is optional).

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Step #4 - Divisions

Next up is assigning a division. Depending on the event there may be multiple sports to enter, you can quickly find your division by using the search bar or Sport drop-down menu to narrow your search. 

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Step #5 - Required Forms (Player Survey)

Some Event Owners will require you to submit pre-determined information so they can run efficient events. 

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These questions can range from general information to uploading high school transcripts. Be sure to follow the requirements closely as an incomplete form could result in your registration being interrupted. 

Step #6 - Confirmation

This step is for you to review and confirm your registration is correct. You can also add another registration at this stage for additional players. 

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Step #7 - Payment 

Depending on how the Event Owner has specified payments, you may be required to pay registration fees by credit card, e-transfer, or check. Once you've made your payment you can click 'Complete Registration' to finish up and confirm your registration. 

Reg 6

Step #8 - Tournament Hotel

If you specified that you were the Primary Team Contact/Travel Coordinator then you will be brought to the Sponsored Hotel Feed to begin sourcing accommodations for your travel team.

reg 8

Take a look at this article on making blocks for your team for more information on creating blocks. Or if you're ready to book right away, check out this walkthrough on booking reservations with EventConnect.