Room Block Requests For Hoteliers

Room block requests are used by teams to request additional inventory at your hotel. This article will show how you can choose to approve, decline, or counter-offer these requests.


There are two ways you will be made aware of a Room Block Request:

1. You will receive an email outlining the request with a link that will take you to your dashboard

2. When you next log into your dashboard, a banner at the top of the page will indicate an RBR

Step #1 - Getting To Your Dashboard

Log into your EventConnect account and click on 'Hotels' at the top of the page to be taken to the Hotel Portal. Then click on your hotel.

rooming lists 1

Step #2 - Your Hotel Contracts

Once you've clicked on the hotel you will be taken to the hotel page where you'll see all pending, requested and approved contracts. Search for the approved contract you want to review and click on it.

rooming lists 2

Step #3 - Contract Dashboard 

After clicking on an approved contract you will be taken to the Contract Dashboard. At the top of the page you will see a red banner indicating a Room Block Request requires your attention. Click on the link to manage the request(s).


Alternatively, you can go through the navigation menu to reach the Room Block Requests page.


Step #4 - Room Block Request Page

Once you hover your mouse over the request, "Approve", "Decline", and "Reply with Counter Offer" will pop up at the bottom of the request. 




If you have approved the request, an email will be sent to the team manager to let them know that their request has been approved.  You will receive an email with an amended contract to show you how many rooms are now loaded in our system to sell. Since our system is live it will load these rooms right away. 

*Please ensure that you are holding the same amount of rooms in your POS system.*





If you don’t have the availability you can decline the request.  It will prompt you to provide a response as to why. Once you decline the request an email is sent to the team manager letting them know that their request has been declined by the hotel and we are notified that the request has been declined as well. In this case, we can reach out to the team to see if another room type will work for them or maybe place them at another hotel.





If you have availability at the hotel but it’s not the same room type or you need to increase the rate you can submit a counteroffer to the team.  This will allow you to change the room type, rate and amount of rooms being offered. Only the Room Type, Amount, and Rate can be changed.  You can also add another room type to the offer by selecting the "+Add Room" in blue. Please ensure that you are filling in the rate for each day on the additional room type.

Once you submit a counteroffer to the team, an email is sent to the team manager to accept or decline the offer. Our Live procurement team also monitors the counteroffer to push the teams to respond as they only have 7 business days to respond.  If the team accepts the counteroffer the rooms will be automatically loaded into our system and an amendment is sent to your email to show you our new room block totals. If the team declines the counter offer you are notified via email and no rooms are added at that time.