EventConnect Help Desk

Service Fees

Fees are an associated cost included with reservations to cover our expenses. Let's review these costs to outline what they're for.

Like most businesses today, we have upfront costs for every department within our organization. These can range from simple office materials like laptops and standing desks to large scale expenses like employee benefit insurance and dozens of HubSpot accounts. To help mitigate these costs we have implemented a small service fee to all reservations that are made. This charge is paid directly to us and is non-refundable.



So what does it cover? In essence it is an umbrella charge that helps fund an assortment of costs associated with our day to day operations. There is considerable work involved in procuring 180,000+ room nights every year, also in managing over 135,500 team's hotel reservations during the span of 12 months. Because of that high volume of work we were required to include a small service fee into our reservations billing in order to offset our cost of operation. When you pay for that fee you are paying for the convenience of using our service, interacting with support staff, having a large selection of hotels to choose from, and a wealth of knowledge base articles (like this one) to name a few.

We hope this helps to clear up any confusion surrounding service fees and their reasoning.