EventConnect Service Fees

This article details the importance of our service fee and what it means for you.

A common misconception is that your fee is being paid to us, but it's actually being deducted from your nightly stay. Think of it as a downpayment towards your reservation.

Our Service Fee is a small financial commitment paid by our guests that allows EventConnect to provide teams group-discounted rates that are no contract - pay later - fully cancelable reservations.

By having our guests pay a small service fee, we are able to undertake certain commitments with hotels. Our partner hotels have real-time visibility on these transactions, and therefore the paid service fees provide them with confidence that their inventory is being consumed by a bonafide reservation, guaranteed with a valid credit card. 

Examples Of Service Fees


fees 1


fees 2

                    *This service fee is deducted from your total reservation cost.* 


For hotels to set rooms aside in a block, they typically have teams sign a contract that often has liabilities such as charges to the team if a certain quantity of rooms are not consumed within the held block and/or requirements such as one-night room charge plus tax that is charged immediately when any team members make their own reservation within the block of rooms.

We put the contract on ourselves instead of the teams and offer a "pay later" reservation with a minimal upfront financial burden. We know teams are often paying for registration and team fees all at once and do not need future tournament hotel charges on their credit card. Team members are not charged for their entire stay, nor are they charged one nights room plus tax as they typically are with other booking methods. 

The group rates we negotiate are discounted to the hotel's cancellable rate and lower, or at a minimum, in line with the hotel prepaid rate. In this case, the hotel's comparable reservation is more expensive than the reservation you just made, including the service fee.