Changing Your Hotel Reservation To A Different Hotel

This article will summarize how to switch your hotel reservation to a different hotel.

To change your hotel reservation to an alternative hotel partner, there must be available inventory at that hotel and you must not be past the cancellation date for your current reservation.

Step #1 - Finding Your Reservation

Open the Reservation Confirmation email sent to you from EventConnect after you made your initial reservation. At the bottom click the "View Reservation" button. 

edit res 1

Step #2 - Change Hotel/Room

You will now be on the 'Edit Reservation' page. On the right side will be your Reservation Details. Scroll down and you will see a "Change Hotel/Room" button. Click on this to be taken to the 'Move Reservations' page.

change res 1

Step #3 - Finding New Accommodations

On the 'Move Reservation' page you will see the hotels available to choose from. Take a look at our alternative options and click "Book Now" when you're ready. 

change res 2

Step #4 - Picking Your Room

After clicking "Book Now" you will be brought to the Hotel Details page for that hotel. This will specify amenities, location, booking/hotel policies, and cancelation information for the hotel. At the bottom will be the available rooms you can reserve. 

change res 3

Step #5 - Confirming Your New Reservations

Once you have chosen a room, you will be brought to the Updating Reservation page. Here you can keep your existing check-in/out dates or modify them to suit your trip. You will see a new total for your stay based on the price of the new accommodations. Before confirming your new reservation you will need to agree to the policy agreements for the new hotel. 

change res 4

By default, your existing reservation details will be carried over to your new reservation unless you change them during this step.