Using Coupons and Discounts

The following instructions will detail how to apply coupons and discounts to your event.

Step #1 - Event Owner Dashboard

Begin by logging into your EventConnect account. On the left side menu, click on "Financials".

coupons 1

Step #2 - Creating A Coupon

Once inside the "Financials" menu, scroll down to the Coupons & Discounts section. Here you will have the option to add and modify discounts for your participants and registrants. 

coupons 2-1

Multi-reg discounts are versatile and can easily be applied to any sport type. 

eventconnect financial discounts and coupons for traveling sports teams multi registration and reservation

Team Directors can set the code (‘Winners’), the type (dollar amount or percentage), and the discount rate all from the Event Owner dashboard under the Financials tab. These parameters can be easily customized and tailored for any circumstance that you feel deems a discount. Coupons can be a great incentive for teams to help prompt them to take action.

For example, by implementing a discount coupon for early-bird registration you can excite members to sign up well before cutoff dates and attain more accurate figures for upcoming events. You could also offer discounts for multi-registrations when a club is signing up three or more teams.