EventConnect Help Desk

Room Lists: What they do and where to find them.

The Rooming List will provide you with every necessary detail of your reservation including; names, dates, credit card information, room accommodations, prices, and statuses. It can be quite useful to have this list printed out and part of your internal records. Let's walk you through the process of finding that list and how to use it.

Step #1

Log into your account at www.eventconnect.io, this will bring you to your dashboard. From here, click the "Hotels" tab at the top to be taken to the Hotel Portal. There you will see all current hotels you have contracts with. Look for the hotel you would like to review and click on it.


Once you've clicked on the hotel you will be taken to that hotels page where you'll see all pending, requested, and approved contracts. Search for the approved contract you want to review and click on it.


Step #2

After clicking on the approved contract you want to view you will be brought to the Hotel Dashboard. Here you are able to view every detail about team contracts, hotel contracts, reservations, team blocks, and view reservations rates across different graphs. To view the Rooming List you will need to click the "Reservations" tab in the left side menu, and then click "View All". You will be brought to the Reservations page which displays all details of your reservations. On the right side of the page close to the top you will see a button "Export Rooming List", click this button to download your rooming list in a .csv file type.


Now that you have your rooming list downloaded you can open it up and review the specifics of upcoming events.